The Shot Ski Fun

article-shotzski-shot-ski-drinking-gameIt is not a wonder if you think a ski is just for skiing. To pastime, you can choose to ski a lot. This is mainly done in the winter seasons. The next thing after ski is a common meeting at a local resort where you spend some time before departing. At this place is where you now get to experience a shot ski. The vessel that we have for the social drinking is what we are calling a shot ski. On it, there are shot glasses that have been fit and they are around three or four of them. In any case, you don’t finish your drink with the other it will be poured on your face.

You can have some torture moments when you have a ski which the participants are taller. The short person will always be on the losing end. A ski has been made by an element that is very readily available. It just has a ski and some shot glasses hence the name shot ski. Four is mainly the most accepted number of the shots glasses being used.

The main theme about a shot ski is about teamwork. To raise the height of the shortest person there is usually a table that is provided that enhances your convenience. To have a good drinking moment the level of your head ought to be at the same place with your friends. After tasting the strength of the shot you might need some help seeing the next one clearly.

Making a shot ski is a very simple process. The first thing is usually finding an old ski or buy one. To get them you just need to go to a nearby town and you won’t lack a few left over. There is a lot of help that you will get from this ski. The removal of the bindings contained requires that you use an electric drill. This will actually depend on how great the bindings are. Where the bindings are very old it may be very hard to work it out. It will therefore in such a case have to take more steps than thought to take.

Once you remove the bindings the attachment of the glasses is the next thing. They have to be assembled at the top of the ski. There is measuring and marking of the ski which is done and which helps in placement of the glasses. The next thing will be gluing them on the marked place. Gathering your friend is another thing that you will have to do. After making this happen you have your shot ski and can get the fun moving. After filling the glasses with a tasty concoction you can get the shot ski serving they purpose. This can be repeated again and again. Drinking the entire drink to avoid spillage ought to be your worry now.

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